IJAL 86(2) and April 2020 Supplement Now Available

The April 2020 issue of the International Journal of American Linguistics (IJAL) is now available along with the April 2020 supplement, “Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Northern Paiute Texts across Varieties.” A table of contents for each can be viewed below.

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International Journal of American Linguistics 86, No. 2 (April 2020)


Mapudungun Expressions of Desire Pablo Fuentes

Sound Symbolism and the Variation *∫ ~ *s ~ *h in Proto-Quechuan Robert Halm

Tracing the Ch’orti’ Antipassive System: A Comparative/Historical View Robin Quizar

Domains and Prominence in Nasal Harmonization of Maxakalí Loanwords Mário Coelho da Silva, Andrew Nevins, and James White


A Historical Grammar of the Maya Language of Yucatan, 1557–2000. By Victoria R. Bricker Reviewed by Igor Vinogradov

Language Contact, Inherited Similarity and Social Difference: The Story of Linguistic Interaction in the Maya Lowlands. By Danny Law Reviewed by Elwira Dexter-Sobkowiak

International Journal of American Linguistics 86, No. S1 (April 2020) Texts in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Northern Paiute Texts across Varieties


Northern Paiute Texts: Introduction Tim Thornes and Maziar Toosarvandani

Bannock (Fort Hall, Idaho) Tim Thornes

Yahooskin (Beatty, Oregon) Tim Thornes

Wadadɨka’a (Burns Paiute Reservation, Oregon) Tim Thornes

Duck Valley Reservation (Owyhee, Nevada) Tim Thornes

Fort Mcdermitt Reservation (Mcdermitt, Nevada) Tim Thornes

Mono Lake and Environs Maziar Toosarvandani

Walker River (Schurz, Nevada) Maziar Toosarvandani

Kuiyuidɨkadɨ (Pyramid Lake Reservation, Nevada) Tim Thornes

Toidɨkadɨ (Cattail-Eaters) of Stillwater Marsh Tim Thornes

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