Expert sought for Native America Calling

The following request was forwarded to SSILA.  Please respond directly to Mr. Ahtone at the number or address provided below.

My name is Tristan Ahtone, I’m a producer with the show Native America Calling – a daily, one hour call-in show that focuses on different topics that impact tribal communities around the nation.

We are hoping to produce a show that looks at the expressions, phrases, and slang of Indian Country, but are in need of an “expert”

who may have studied or documented this area of language. For instance, in parts of Oklahoma if you were to say someone is acting “Au-Day” it would be to describe someone as being snooty. Au-Day translated from Kiowa would mean special, and when used in Kiowa is a very good thing, when used in an English phrase it’s sarcastic.

I’m hoping that you might have a good lead for a person that could join us for the program. If anyone has a moment, please let me know.

I’d be greatly appreciative.


Executive Producer, Native America Calling


Updated: April 1, 2015 — 12:36 pm