2019 Ken Hale Prize

Daryl Baldwin and the Myaamia Center at the Miami University of Ohio

SSILA is happy to announce the 2019 Ken Hale Prize was awarded to Daryl Baldwin and the Myaamia Center at Miami University of Ohio. The Ken Hale prize is presented in recognition of outstanding community language work and a deep commitment to the documentation, maintenance, promotion, and revitalization of Indigenous languages in the Americas.

Daryl Baldwin’s work began with a strong desire to recover his language, which he did – extraordinarily, via linguistic documentation alone and with his family. His path included the completion of an MA degree at the University of Montana, and an agreement to welcome another Myaamia scholar, Wesley Leonard, to do dissertation research on the work that his family was doing to breathe life back into the language.

He began a collaboration with the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, of which he is a citizen, to begin the myaamiaki eemamwiciki or “Miami Awakening,” project, which would connect community members with their language, history and traditions. This project has grown in scope and influence over the years to become The Myaamia Project, and then, most recently in long-term exemplary collaboration with Miami University of Ohio, the Myaamia Center.

The Myaamia Center at Miami University of Ohio mentors new generations of myaamiaki in all aspects of Myaamia life and citizenship. They also conduct world-class collaborative research on the impact of language in health and wellness, the reclamation of Indigenous science and life ways through language, and new technologies to assist in language reclamation through archival documentation, among others.

In their own words, “The Myaamia Center is focused on deepening Myaamia connections through research, education, and outreach. The Center, a Miami Tribe of Oklahoma initiative located within an academic setting, serves the needs of the Myaamia people, Miami University, and partner communities through research, education, and outreach that promote Myaamia language, culture, knowledge, and values.” Much more can be read about Daryl Baldwin and the Myaamia Center at Miami at their website.

The 2020 Ken Hale Prize call for nominations will be in April and nominations are due July 15. More information can be found at SSILA Ken Hale Prize.

Updated: January 7, 2020 — 5:53 pm