Posting Instructions

  1. Go to, OR go to, scroll to the last box in the Sidebar on the right, and click the link that says Site Admin. You’ll be taken to the blog dashboard.
  2. Click Posts in the menu on the left, then click Add New at the top of the page.
  3. Write your post and click the blue Publish button on the right when you’re done.

Some other things to consider when creating a post:

  • You can schedule the post for a time in the future (or past) by clicking the Edit link next to the Publish immediately status, just above the blue Publish button.
  • It’s usually a good idea to add a category to the post. You can do this by selecting a checkbox in the Categories box in the right sidebar.
  • It’s also not a bad idea to add tags, which you can do right beneath the Categories box. Tags are open-ended. So a post about Navajo Language Academy, for example, might include tags like ‘Navajo’, ‘Athabaskan’, ‘Dene’, but would go into the Calls & Conferences category.
Updated: August 3, 2018 — 4:58 pm