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Job: Project Scientists, University of California, San Diego

The Office of Research Affairs (, at the University of California, San Diego, ( in conjunction with its various Organized Research Units (for ORUs see is conducting an open search for Project Scientists (non-tenured, Assistant, Associate or Full level) in any academic discipline. At UCSD, Project Scientists (for full position description, go to […]

SSILA Archiving Award

SSILA Archiving Award

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) is very pleased to announce a new award, the SSILA Archiving Award. This award highlights the importance of creating long-term archival materials that are accessible to all communities concerned, including heritage and language communities as well as scholarly communities. It is meant […]

Cherokee narratives: A linguistic study (Feeling, Pulte & Pulte)

Cherokee narratives: A linguistic study (Feeling, Pulte & Pulte) The stories of the Cherokee people presented here capture in written form tales of history, myth, and legend for readers, speakers, and scholars of the Cherokee language. Assembled by noted authorities on Cherokee, this volume marks an unparalleled contribution to the linguistic analysis, understanding, and preservation […]

Mobilian Trade Language phrasebook and lexicon (Kaufman)

The Mobilian Trade Language (aka Mobilian Jargon) is a Native American pidgin, primarily based on Muskogean languages, that was spoken in the North American Southeast until the 1950s. For centuries, Mobilian Trade Language served as a lingua franca for various indigenous groups (and later Europeans and Africans) that came together for trade and ritual. As […]

Call for Funded Participants – Workshop

Please find below a call for participants (in English followed by Spanish and Portuguese) for a workshop on community-based approaches to linguistic work across the Americas. We have limited funding to support Indigenous community members conducting language related activities in their community. The workshop will be the day before the annual LSA/SSILA meetings in January. […]

PhD scholarships at the language and culture research centre

Applications are invited, from suitably qualified students, to enter the PhD program of the Language and Culture Research Centre at James Cook University Australia. Supervision will be provided by Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, Professor R. M. W. Dixon, Professor Rosita Henry, Dr Alexander Walker, Dr Luca Ciucci, and Dr Michael Wood. Our PhD candidates generally […]

New Executive Secretary / Treasurer

SSILA is happy to announce that Mary S. Linn (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage) will be SSILA’s new Executive Secretary / Treasurer! She will be coordinating with Keren Rice, Tania Granadillo and the Executive Committee. Her three-year term will begin at the end of the SSILA 2019 meeting in New York City. We […]

Call for Papers — Tlalocan

TLALOCAN XXIV Convocatoria de recepción de documentos En nombre de la revista Tlalocan, Revista de fuentes para el conocimiento de las culturas indígenas de México, y de su directora Karen Dakin, le extendemos una cordial invitación para participar en el volumen XXIV. Para este volumen hemos sido designados como editores, Lilián Guerrero y Hiroto Uchihara. […]

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