The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers together with the members at large. The Executive Secretary and the Editor (position currently vacant) are nonvoting members of the Executive Committee. The Vice President is also the President-Elect and automatically becomes the President after serving two years as Vice President.


Keren Rice, President (2017 – 2018)

Tania Granadillo, Vice President / President-Elect (2017 – 2018)

Alice Taff, Past President (2017 – 2018)

Carolyn MacKay, Executive Secretary (2016 – 2018)

Editor (currently vacant)

Members at Large

Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (2015 – 2017)

B’alam Mateo-Toledo (2016 – 2018)

Wesley Leonard (2017 – 2019)

Nominating Committee

Brook Lillehaugen (2015 – 2017)

Mary Linn (2016 – 2018)

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (2017 – 2019)




Keren RicePresident2017-2018
Carolyn MackayExecutive Secretary2016-2018
Alice TaffPresident2015-2016
†Emmon BachPresident2013-2014
Patricia ShawPresident2011-2012
Karen Sue RolphEditor2009-2012
Richard RhodesPresident2009-2010
Ivy DoakExecutive Secretary2008-2016
Donna GerdtsPresident2008
Leslie SaxonPresident2007
Lyle CampbellPresident2006
Anthony C. WoodburyPresident2005
David RoodPresident2004
Pamela MunroPresident2003
Leanne HintonPresident2002
Jane H. HillPresident2001
Sarah G. ThomasonPresident2000
†Karl V. TeeterPresident1999
Sally McLendonPresident1998
†Robert L. RankinPresident1997
†William ShipleyPresident1996
†William BrightPresident1995
Nora EnglandPresident1994
Marianne MithunPresident1993
†William H. JacobsenPresident1992
Michael E. KraussPresident1991
Catherine CallaghanPresident1990
Colette G. CraigPresident1989
Louanna FurbeePresident1988
Eric HampPresident1987
Wallace ChafePresident1986
†Margaret LangdonPresident1985
Kenneth C. HillPresident1984
†M. Dale KinkadePresident1983
Victor GollaSecretary-Treasurer1982-2007
†C. F. VoegelinHonorary President1982-1986
Ives GoddardPresident1982
†Wick R. MillerInterim President1981

Members at Large

Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins2015-2017
Gabriela Pérez Báez2014-2016
Willem de Reuse2013-2015
Fernando Zúñiga2012-2014
Patience Epps 2011-2013
Melissa Axelrod 2010-2012
Frank Trechsel 2009-2011
Lucía A. Golluscio 2008-2010
Verónica Vázquez Soto 2007-2009
Patricia A. Shaw 2006-2008
Zarina Estrada Fernández 2005-2007
Pamela Bunte 2004-2006
Douglas Parks 2003-2005
Roberto Zavala 2002-2004
Akira Yamamoto 2001-2003
Sara Trechter 2000-2002
Randolph Graczyk 1999-2001
Michael K. Foster 1998-2000
M. Jill Brody 1997-1999
Amy Dahlstrom 1996-1998
Terrence Kaufman 1995-1997
MaryAnn Willie 1994-1996
Sally McLendon 1993-1995
Yolanda Lastra 1992-1994
Ofelia Zepeda 1991-1993
Laura Martin 1990-1992
†Robert L. Rankin 1989-1991
†Wick R. Miller 1988-1990
Anthony C. Woodbury 1987-1989
Jane H. Hill 1986-1988
Allan Taylor 1985-1987
Laurel Watkins 1984-1986
Marianne Mithun 1983-1985
Harriet E. Manelis Klein1982-1984
Kenneth W. Whistler 1982-1983
Nora C. England 1982

Nominating Committee

Jorge Emilio Roses Labrada2017-2019
Mary Linn2016-2018
Brook Lillehaugen2015-2017
Elena Benedicto2014-2016
Jack Martin2013-2015
Colleen Fitzgerald2012-2014
Keren Rice 2011-2013
 Antoine Guillaume2010-2012
 Doris Payne2009-2011
 Juliette Blevins2008-2010
 Yolanda Lastra2007-2009
 Alejandra Vidal2006-2008
 Carolyn J. MacKay2005-2007
 Willem de Reuse2004-2006
 Monica Macaulay2003-2005
 John O’Meara2002-2004
 Karen Dakin2001-2003
 Scott DeLancey2000-2002
 John D. Nichols1999-2001
 Patricia Shaw1998-2000
 Laurel Watkins1997-1999
 Douglas Parks1996-1998
 Karen Booker1995-1997
 Pamela Munro1994-1996
 Lyle Campbell1993-1995
 Leanne Hinton1992-1994
†Eloise Jelinek1991-1993
 Amy Dahlstrom1990-1992
†Lucy T. Briggs1989-1991
†Margaret Langdon1988-1990
†M. Dale Kinkade1987-1989
 Brent Galloway1986-1988
 Don Frantz1985-1987
 Nora C. England1984-1986
 Robert L. Rankin1983-1985
†William Shipley1982-1984
 Jack DuBois1982-1983
 Richard A. Rhodes1982
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